Are We Killing The Kiss?

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy kissing. I enjoy kissing a lot. Like, a lot a lot. And I don’t get to practice this art form very often (the woes of being single and all). I’ve had my fair share of innocent, makes-my-palms-sweaty pecks in junior high on the back the school bus and the not-so-innocent, I-drank-a-little-too-much-whiskey kisses in the back of the Irish pub (Thank God Jesus loves us even though we’re not perfect. Am I right?).

Regardless of your stance on when and where Christian singles should or shouldn’t kiss, it seems like this favorite pastime is on the decline. Gasp! And it could be because men refuse to shave their face. So get out your razors, gentlemen–I’m especially talk talking to you hipsters–and watch the video above to see one woman consult experts on why the ladies pay more attention to men without facial hair. (Three words: Beard burn. Ouch.)

Fallon Prinzivalli’s (@iamqueenfal) back-up plan is to be Kellan Lutz’s trophy wife. (Shhh, she doesn’t kiss and tell.)