new original. it’s called “hello leaves”. enjoy!

You and I side by side; We can just go for a ride
I’ll take a photo of you; I’ll take a photo of you
Maybe our bikes will just get up and leave us
If we told our friends, they would never believe us
But if you wanna walk the whole way, I’ll do that with you

The grass is greener, the days are shorter
And all this is thanks to you

I wanna just travel and go out and see things
We’ll take things together - the bruises, the bee-stings
You don’t have to feel alone; I’ll be there with you
We’ll come to a bridge and we’ll cross it together
We’ll be cold, we’ll be hot - it depends on the weather
Hailstorms and rainstorms or sun, I’ll still be with you

The stairwells look darker, the waters look colder
I’ll walk them and swim them with you

So…umm you’re def singing at the wedding ;)